Check-in time is 4:00pm or later at the property. All properties have keypad locks. You will be sent the lock code 3 days prior to your arrival via email. Check-Out is 10:00am.

There is absolutely no smoking permitted in residence, in the garden or on any part of the property. If you or your guests violate this rule, you will be banned from future rentals and charged a $100 fee.

If you have requested an additional night, we will try to accommodate your request. However, if the unit is already booked, you must vacate the premises at the 10:00 a.m. check-out. Failure to do so will result in an additional full night rent charge and the removal of your belongings to a storage area on the premises outside the unit.

Street Parking.

You must have a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), which we will run within 24 hours for the full amount of the booking or the amount of the deposit requested. Units booked within 30 days of occupancy must be paid in full. 50% payment is required 60 days prior to date of occupancy. Please contact us if some flexibility is necessary.

Full refunds are available if canceled 60 days prior to arrival. For cancellations made 60 days or less prior to arrival, bookings are refundable only to the extent we are able to secure a replacement booking. Although we generally do re-book given a reasonable amount of time, there is no guarantee that we will. All refunds are subject to reimbursement of bankcard charges we incur (3.75%) plus a $50 cancellation fee.

Please check your home carefully when you arrive. If you should discover any problem with the house, please report it to us immediately. We do not generally issue refunds for any condition beyond our control, such as power outages, water or plumbing system breakdowns, TV cable black outs or problems, appliance malfunctions, and the like, and in no event are refunds issued for a problem we had no opportunity to resolve. If you leave earlier than your departure date, there is no refund unless we can re-rent the nights.

The unit will be delivered to the Guest upon their occupancy in a clean and ready-to-move-into condition supplied with bed linens, bathroom and kitchen towels, toilet paper, paper towels and dish soap in sufficient quantity for the term of the occupancy. If additional supplies, linens or towels are needed, please notify the Owner. This is not a hotel or a bed and breakfast establishment and the rental fee does not include daily housekeeping services. It may be possible for the Owner to arrange for daily housekeeping service for the Guest at an additional fee, which must be agree to in writing. No guarantee is made that this service will be or can be made available. Unless prior arrangements have been made with the owner in writing, the guest will be charged for excessive cleaning fees after departure including but not limited to washing dishes, hauling excess trash and moving furniture back to its original location.

There is a coin-operated laundry on the premises. You will find a key to the laundry room in your unit.

When you leave your rental, please remove all food (except condiments, spices, tea and coffee), and place all trash in the trash collection bins located in the alley.

City houses are located next to each other in predominately residential areas. We ask that you respect the tranquility of the area. If you are in a unit above another, please remove your shoes prior to entering, to minimize noise. If you have children, an adult must be with them at all times when they are in the yard or garden. Please be respectful of the neighbors and other guests in the building.

No guests are permitted in the residence other than the number specified in your rental agreement, without prior approval. In general, you can have two additional day guests without charge. Occupancy for each house is strict and absolutely no parties with excess guests are permitted. If excess overnight guests, or more than two day guests are discovered, we will terminate the booking without refund. If we make the discovery after the booking is over, we will assess a $1000 fee.

In renting a residence, you are agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless the owner of the vacation home, their employees and agents, for any injury or loss to any member of your party. You must promptly report to us any unsafe or hazardous condition at the home. All Guests and and his or her visitors agree to indemnify and hold the Owner harmless for personal injury Guests or visitors cause intentionally or unintentionally to a third party.

Renter agrees that they are liable for any intentional and unintentional damage by any member of their party, that might occur during the rental period and any extensions to that rental period. Guest agrees that they will report any such damage and that, as soon as the cost of repairing the damage, or replacing any items that cannot be repaired, can be ascertained, their credit card will be automatically charged for this amount. Owner will make a reasonable effort to notify Guests prior to any charge to discuss the nature and extent of the damage, give a reasonable amount of time to respond and, if appropriate, can substitute another credit card for the one listed above. Guests also verifies that the credit card listed below has at least $1000 of available credit and will have that amount of available credit throughout the entire time of the booking.

Commercial use of our properties is strictly forbidden without a contract for the specific use.

On rare occasions, a house subject to a rental agreement may become unavailable due to various circumstances. Generally this will happen when a house sustains significant damage or a major appliance or utility is out of order (heating unit, refrigerator, etc.). In this unfortunate event, we reserve the right to offer to move your booking to the most comparable home available or issue a complete refund. If you opt for a replacement home that is more expensive, you will need to pay for the upgrade. We will not be liable for any collateral expenses or emotional harm due to the unavailability of a home.

7 night minimum.

The property is not wheelchair or handicap accessible (no elevator). The Garden Casita is on the second floor, up one flight of stairs.